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PLEASE BE ADVISED that came into existence in May, 2000.  It has been owned and operated  since that time. Unfortunately, in November, 2017, was hijacked by a company in India calling itself and  another company in Dubai calling itself 

Additionally, the  Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange, which is owned by the Dubai Government, also pirated the web domain and company name by placing  Trading Campus on their own Exchange's website at The legal owner of has no financial association with Trading Campus.ia, Trading Campus ae, or the Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange.   

Nor has ever granted permission for any of the referenced entities to use the  name of Trading Campus or any other copyrighted material from the TradingCampus website.  

Our Global Reach

Trading Campus reaches students world wide. The courses are designed as college level classes. They are ideal for students who have already completed finance or economics courses.  Trading Campus can also be beneficial for those individuals who would simply like to know more about trading and investing for their own portfolio.  Trading Campus is a great place for anyone who would like to have a more solid or in-depth understanding of the trading business. 

Your Resource for Learning

Trading Campus courses are based on cutting-edge statistical and mathematical applications currently used in modern technical analysis. The courses will always show you how to apply statistics and mathematics to trading in all kinds of markets, including the stock market, foreign currencies, derivatives, and options.


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